Maybe it’s time to consider next steps?

Please contact the pastor or one of our elders for help in learning more about your next step.

Learning about faith in Jesus:

Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about faith in Jesus? ‘What’s it all about?’ is a small group covering the basics over several weeks. Check the weekly news sheet for dates.

Accepting Jesus:

You want to know what it really means to accept Jesus and become a Christian. Please connect with the pastor or one of our elders who can help you.

Water Baptism:

You are following Jesus but are not baptized yet. We have baptismal classes which prepare you for this life changing event.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit:

Jesus promised the ‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit’ so we can live in God’s enabling power. Chat to one of elders or pastor who will help you.


What does it mean to belong in God’s family? Check out our fellowships and small groups. Your next step is to get involved. We also hold ‘The Joy of Belonging’ class through the year. Info in the weekly news sheet.



Your step of faith could be to give regularly. To learn more about giving please see the leaflet on giving in the foyer.

World Missions involvement:

A step for everyone is to get involved with blessing the nations, and the poor. Information is available at the church and please speak to our pastor’. Giving regularly to support our World Missions ministry is a life changing step. You will be literally changing a person’s world for the better.


Every Christian is a minister! Take a step to volunteer your time and talents in service to God. Please see the pastor or elders today.

Bible School and ministry training:

There are various options to further your learning and practical training to serve. Please see the pastor. Is God calling you to take this further step?